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BEDAT & Co GENEVE timepieces require regular maintenance and service to ensure its exceptional precision, reliability and elegance.

We recommend you to visit our after - sales service centre or authorized dealer of your choice periodically to have your timepiece inspect or repair.

In the event if your BEDAT & Co GENEVE timepiece should require any repair service, please follow the below guidelines that will help you to submit your watch to our service facilities.


BEDAT & Co GENEVE recommends you to send yourtimepiece to our authorized service centre or authorized dealer located nearest to your convenient location for a through inspection and repair.

You will have the option to (1) hand deliver your timepiece for repair to the nearest authorize service centre or dealer, or (2) ship it via courier service of your preference.

If you decide to ship it to service centre or dealer, kindly refer to below for your attention;

A) Pack your timepiece:

B) Ship your timepiece to us


Regardless if you choose to hand deliver or ship your timepiece to us, please be reminded:


Click here to view the WATCH REPAIR FORM.

If you have any enquiries in regards to our after sales service,

We look forward to serving you better.