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N°2 Collections

Sophisticated Watches From The BEDAT & Co GENEVE No 2 Collection

No 2 Collection is composed of oval-shaped models.

No 2 stands for union, for the meeting of two connected elements and most specifically in philosophy, for two complementary principles. It is a positive number in the Chinese culture and the ideograms often appear twice in conceiving brand names. It sounds like the word for “easy” in Cantonese. “2” also stands for the Yin, a symbol of femininity and imagination.

No 2 Collection is both timeless and resolutely contemporary, two aspects that are complementary and indeed inseparably entwined within the BEDAT & Co GENEVE philosophy. Embodying the quintessence of the brand values, The new No 2 stems from the graphic interplay of two ellipses, a graphic design reminiscent of jewellery.