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Extravaganza Collections

Haute Couture To Dress Time

Much as in the world of haute couture which unites a range of artisans in giving shape to the most sophisticated ideas, BEDAT & Co GENEVE embodies a wealth of artistic crafts that give life to its watch models.

For the new haute joaillerie models, the design highlights the radiant sparkle of the diamonds, which reinforce the structure of the model involving meticulous construction of both visible and invisible parts. The infinitely delicate cases feature changing textures of brilliant and baguette-cut stones, and the dials combine a shimmering mother-of-pearl base with a magnificent paving of diamonds or for the ref 883, a veritable mother-of-pearl Art Deco marquetery.

These stunningly rare pieces compose an anthem to the scrupulous care and authenticity of Swiss know-how. Miniature marvels blending delicate stylishness and virtuoso dexterity, they eloquently express the inherent refinement of BEDAT & Co GENEVE.