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Madame Simone Bédat


“After a Lifetime in the Swiss watch-making industry watching 50% of the world’s population being ignored, I decided to do something. BEDAT & Co was that something; a luxury timepiece brand founded by a woman for women.” -Mme Simone Bédat, Founder of BEDAT & Co GENEVE


Madame Simone Bédat, Founder of BEDAT & Co GENEVE, started the brand due to a deep desire to pay tribute to women by designing timepieces dedicated to their busy lifestyle. 

Highly respected for her independence as one of the rare women in the male-dominated Swiss watch industry, Mme Simone Bédat made a commitment to craft her timepieces in line with the 500-year-old Swiss tradition and to do this she gathered the best Swiss craftsmen in order to deliver her extraordinary designs.

Having spent much of her life working at the very top of the Swiss luxury timepiece industry, Mme Bédat established BEDAT & Co GENEVE in her native Switzerland (Geneva).  She determined that the company would focus on delivering her vision of a brand that was established by a woman, which was itself highly unusual at the time, that would embody the needs, aspirations, and desires of women at its very core.

Today BEDAT & Co GENEVE is a successful global women fine timepieces brand with over 166 strong Point of Sales presence in US, Europe, Japan, China, Southeast Asia and Middle East countries.