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Sunday, 28 September 2014


LOS ANGELES, CA (28 September 2014) - BEDAT & Co. Brand Ambassador Soprano Carly Paoli made her spectacular international debut this week at a glittering charity event alongside Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson.

Wearing a floor-length black dress, classically-trained Carly gave a flawless performance of her debut song Angel Save Your Love For Me, at the prestigious David Foster Foundation Miracle Gala in Calgary on September 27.

Miss Paoli, who had flown from the UK to Canada for the event, made her entrance along the event’s ‘purple’ carpet where she was interviewed by gathered press before taking to the stage to sing, accompanied by 16-time Grammy-award winner Foster on the piano.

Speaking beforehand 25-year-old Carly, from Nottinghamshire, paid tribute to luxury watch brand Bedat & Co. for their support of the charity event which raised $8.2million for the families of children needing organ transplants.

She said: “I think it’s hugely important for brands like Bedat & Co. to support charities like The David Foster Foundation.

“I’m a strong believer in giving back and that’s what Bedat & Co.’s involvement at an event like this is all about.

“Bedat & Co. is a brand with a rich heritage. It was founded by Madame Bedat, a woman who believed in doing the right thing and making a valuable contribution to society and I’m proud to be here tonight, as an Ambassador for the brand and continuing that legacy.”

Asked how the work of Bedat & Co, the world’s leading craftsmen of fine timepieces, was supported by her performance Carly said:  “Bedat & Co. watches are made by the world’s leading craftsmen, so an event like this, where I am blessed to be able to perform alongside some of the greatest artists in the world, reflects that idea perfectly.

“The craftsmen put their heart and soul into Bedat & Co. timepieces, just like we, as singers and musicians, put our heart and souls out there when we’re on stage.

“For me, Bedat & Co. represents elegance and world class quality and every timepiece is a work of art. I like to think that when I’m on stage performing and when I am here as an Ambassador, my work in music reflects those qualities.”

Event host David Foster also thanked Bedat & Co for sponsoring the red carpet event, adding: “The contribution is so important. We can’t do a night like this without great brands like Bedat. I didn’t give Bedat a shout out on stage, I wish I did, but we’re so thankful.”

Other guests at the prestigious event included Laureen Harper, wife of the canadian prime minister Stephen Harper and the stars of US TV series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.



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