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Monday, 29 April 2013


Madame Simone Bédat, Founder of BEDAT & Co GENEVE, started the business due to a burning desire to pay tribute to women by designing timepieces dedicated to their busy lifestyle.

As one of the rare women in the male-dominated Swiss watch industry, Madame Bédat made a commitment to craft her timepieces in line with the 500-years-old Swiss tradition.

Having spent much of her life working at the very top of the Swiss luxury timepiece industry, Mme Bédat established BEDAT & Co GENEVE in her native Switzerland (Geneva). She determined that the company would focus on delivering her vision of a brand that was established by a woman, which was itself highly unusual at the time, that would embody the needs, aspirations, and desires of women at its very core.

She achieved this, with the support of experienced craftsmen, who have been trained to use methods employed by generations of fine Swiss timepiece makers. The holy grail of fine watch-making was her ultimate aim and she achieved this by bringing together the very best of Swiss contributors, hence the ‘& Co’ in the company name.

As a result, every BEDAT & Co GENEVE timepiece has the highly-coveted Swiss A.O.S.C.® mark, signifying 100% Swiss origin. They come with a unique 5-year warranty, to inspire women with greater confidence.

The precise attention to every detail during the crafting process gives every BEDAT & Co Genève timepiece that ‘specially for you' feeling which every successful, independently-minded and cosmopolitan woman wants. It is an extension of the brand DNA, crafted from an intimate understanding of feminine traits, that has produced designs rooted in Art Deco’s timeless elegance, making BEDAT & CGENEVE's timepieces both classical and beautiful to look at.

BEDAT & Co GENEVE is as true to Mme Simone Bédat's vision today as it was when she said, "The source of my motivation is to create the defining ornament of every exceptional woman's beauty”. This is the founding mantra that BEDAT & Co GENEVE is celebrating at BaselWorld 2013.

Two expressions of this 'flavor' are showcased in BEDAT & CGENEVE's 2013 Extravaganza Collection, which represents the ultimate expression on Mme Simone Bedat's vision. BEDAT & Co GENEVE is proud to showcase the first ever No. 3 Haute Jewelry models with the beautiful Ref. 325 accompanied by the stunning Ref. 327. BEDAT & Co GENEVE's innovative design such as its unique rotating diamonds, materials such as rose gold, solid palladium white gold, and baguette-cut diamonds and perfect shape, fits sensuously to the female wrist.

Proudly independent and confidently forward-thinking are just two of the traits that sum up a BEDAT & Co GENEVE timepiece owner. A BEDAT & Co GENEVE owner is also free spirited and self-assured, characteristics embodied by BEDAT & Co GENEVE ambassador Eleanor Cardozo, who will be on hand to share with visitors her experiences and artistic expertise throughout the festival. Eleanor, who is a leading sculptor, practices her art in Geneva the home of BEDAT & CGENEVE, and she embodies all of the qualities that together make BEDAT & Co GENEVE truly unique and differential.

Eleanor is renowned for the precision and finesse of her bronze figurative sculptures that have won international acclaim when they were displayed at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

BEDAT & Co GENEVE wishes you a very successful BaselWorld 2013 and very much hope to see you at Hall 1.1 A87.

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