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The Timepiece Quality Label Certifies Every BEDAT & Co GENEVE Timepiece


BEDAT & Co GENEVE is about style, bearing and elegance. Rooted in the watchmaking tradition, its esthetics are reinterpreted with our own uniquely contemporary and refined touch.

Choosing the shade of a dial, redesigning the curve of a case middle, selecting the finest leather strap or determining an exact polished finish : we demand excellence in each and every detail. This pursuit of absolute sophistication engenders harmony.

Nonetheless, this quest for perfection also involves major technical feats that oblige us to find innovative solutions.

Each BEDAT & Co GENEVE timepiece carries our “8” maker’s mark and is accompanied by an A.O.S.C.® certificate standing for Appellation d’Origine Suisse Certifiée.

This hallmark and this certificate guarantee the Swiss quality of the skills and components used at each stage of production. We are constantly seeking new ways of enhancing our craftsmanship. All BEDAT & Co GENEVE timepieces are covered by an official Five-Year Warranty.

Each day, we devote our passion to the lengthy process of horological creation. This dedication and this expertise have given rise to the BEDAT & Co GENEVE collections.